L-R: Meg McGuffin, Miss Alabama 2015, Kelsey Barnard Clark, KBC Chef + Proprietor, Walter Hill, CEO of Wiregrass United Way

L-R: Meg McGuffin, Miss Alabama 2015, Kelsey Barnard Clark, KBC Chef + Proprietor, Walter Hill, CEO of Wiregrass United Way

When was your first KBC experience?

After hearing about KBC from multiple friends I finally had the opportunity to try it. Since it was highly recommended to me by multiple friends I went with the brisket sandwich and roasted vegetables. I ate every bite. I mean every bite. There were no crumbs on the plate. I soon took my wife to lunch there, took staff to lunch there formeeting and met one of my best friends there for lunch. It quickly because our first choice lunch place when we met to grab a quick but delicious lunch together. Almost every time we both ordered the exact same meal. I am not sure who has eaten more brisket sandwiches with roasted vegetables because we both love it.  

What is your favorite KBC dish?

This is the hardest question I have been asked in a long time. My ‘go to’ order is the brisket sandwich with roasted vegetables. I have eaten it so many times I cannot even guess how many. But with the downtown location so close to me I have had the salad trio several times now and love the chicken salad.

Why do you support KBC? 

Delicious food. Great service. Local. Local. Local.

What can you not wait for KBC to do next?

Try new things. I always love seeing the specials even when I cannot try them due to work meetings at lunch. The creativity is amazing. I love to cook but I am not good at experimenting. But I will experiment new things at restaurants. At KBC I know it will always be fabulous.

How do you think KBC impacts the Wiregrass area?

Consistent meals. Awesome catering. Not your typical south Alabama food. Presentation is always an A+. Employs both full time and part time people. Buys local products as often as possible. But the key is not just buying them but promoting them and letting the customers know they are local products.

Final question: if you could have one guest join you for a meal at KBC, who would it be and why? What would you tell them to order?

Well, I already brought Meg McGuffin, Miss Alabama 2015, in for lunch this year. She loved it. As my mother would say, “Meg made a Happy Plate.” She ate it all. And even took a photo for Instagram of her meal.  My mom is will be 95 in 2016 and loves great food. She is one of the best cooks ever although she no longer cooks. I would love for her to try the fried oysters at KBC because she LOVES good seafood. And aftercompleting her meal, she would be 100% honest and say what she thought about it. My guess is she would love it.


Walter is the CEO of Wiregrass United Way. He is a very active volunteer in the Miss America Program and in other pageant and scholarship programs. He and his wife, Melanie, live in Dothan.